Demilich - Erecshyrinol
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Demilich - Erecshyrinol
Demilich was a Finnish Technical Death Metal band formed in 1990, in Kuopio. The recorded their first rehearsal demo "Regurgitation of Blood" in 1991. The second demo "Four Instructive Tales . . . Of Decomposition" was released independently in the same year. Also some other rehearsal demos and live recordings were made in the same year, but never printed in larger extent. Next demo " . . . Inside the bowels of Endlessness . . . " was released as a promo tape in 1992. Another demo "The Echo" was also released later that year, financed by Grinder records label. In 1993, the first full-length of the band was "Nespithe" was released by Necropolis label. "Nespithe" was formed from the letters of the word and articel "The Spine". they canbe decrypted by grouping the letters in three, starting at the end of the word,and reversing the order of those groups. Band claims that they never used any kind of effects when in the normal vocals, althought the extremely low gutturals of Antti Boman have raised much suspicion. However the band never received their share of the album profit, and this probably led to their split-up soon after the release. Repulse records from Spain had the permission to re-issue "Nespithe" with the demo "Four Instructive . . . ". The same album was also re-issued by Pavement records and Century Media records. Due to the injustice they suffered, when not receiving their rightful share of the albums profit, they decided to let everyone download all of their ...
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