Dies Irae Aeri Somnia/Shadow Finder (HQ)
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Dies Irae Aeri Somnia/Shadow Finder (HQ)
I shall be free when the time has come, the misery will gone and bring me back my soul. My ethereal landscape will be the gate of love and trust through the sand and through the snow I will cross, my eternal road. No more rage and no more blood that just recalls for twisted worlds I don't care if I'm failed don't want damages in my way. Something shinning at the woods more even than you bring me rest to all my dreams dreams of blood and dreams of ghouls. Watch my sleep in this long night shadow finder of all tales seedind sperm, sperm of death thousand races will segregate. All my plans fall to decay all those banished, even sky! And the sky will turn to black at the day when I come back When the hell will come to me for the deepest feels of lost I'll just felt so offend then I believed in heavens lost. All my faith will fallen dawn no more wall fances to my eyes all confused, no place to go one more battle, you and I. Times of torments coming out thorny grounds will growing up no more shines lighting my path but I don't care because I know, from those ashes I'll reborn.
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