Disgrace - Heaven's Hate
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Disgrace - Heaven's Hate
Second track released from the brand new album "Symmetry Of Chaos". Available on March 2012. Thrash/Death Metal from Mexico. Music: Steve//Ghavelus - Lyrics: Steve Merciful god your reign is the world, now the war begin between you and me. They claim to be the ones, the ones who talk with god, hypocrite enforcers of the laws of god when they create it for their interest. Faith is blind and they don't see the true reality, they live in a fantasy world. The wars begin, today is the day and now I can see a masked inquisition. Mercenaries of god they fight in this world, innocent people losing their lives for believing in stupid lies. Prophets come down to enslave and transform believes to their will, tormenting weaks with punishment and prizes to reign over the masses. Your prayer is false, your prophet is fake, your god is the death, and your savior is pain. The Christians, Mormons, Catholics and Jews... The Muslims and witnesses; they all came from the same seed. You are the war, you are the misery; is your conviction, the worms eating your veins. Feel the pain; feel the lie, the evil is your faith! Merciful god; you must hate the world for let the people do their will by the deaths of the weaks. People in the streets scream in the night 'cuz the panic in the world, the guilty is your god... your god!
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15.06.2012 (1258 days ago)
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