Djent / Groove Metal CONTEST
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Djent / Groove Metal CONTEST
---READ THE DESCRIPTION!--- I've gotten a bit more into Djent/groove Metal. I really like bands such as Meshuggah, Tesseract and Periphery. I decided to make a groovin' song of my own and I thought it would be nice if I made it into a contest! If you are a singer or a grunter/screamer, write your own lyrics to this song and record yourself singing (or grunting/screaming) along with my track. I'm hoping for more than 10 entries! When the contest closes, I'll pick the best entry myself. The WINNER will be announced (and boxed in my "recommended users"-section) on my channel and his/her vocals will be mixed into the song and incorporated in my next video (which will be a re-upload of this song with vocals and your video)! Download the full song HERE Contest closes at JUNE 27TH 2011!! ---RULES and REQUIREMENTS--- 1. To enter, subscribe to my channel 2. As far as singing goes, BE CREATIVE! 3. Post a video response with your entry. Put your lyrics in the description. 4. If you don't have a camera, DON'T WORRY! I also accept entry's that are audio only. 5. The winner will have to record a separate audio track of his/her singing, to be incorporated in the song! Good luck singing! PS: This is my first song with Toontrack EZdrummer!
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