DragonForce - EPM (Extreme Power Metal)
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DragonForce - EPM (Extreme Power Metal)
This is the song "EPM", By DragonForce, From their Album "Ultra Beatdown" Track Eleven!! (Japanese only bonus track), And The Final Track Of Ultra Beatdown! (2008) Please Comment, Rate, Subscribe. :D To find out more, Go to their Official site. www.dragonforce.com In a lifetime of decay, silent cry for yesterday When the world will see the end of eternity Sacrifice before the dawn of a child soon to be born Before the night, too many tears we cried In a long forgotten land Through the silent raging pain Of the price to pay that awaits for me The end of all our destiny Don't close your eyes tonight For the lights beyond still shine towards a brighter day The time has come for us, tread blood across the sands Carry on as the red rivers run And through the wilderness we feel the pouring rain In the silence ever searching on through the misery And all the promises we made and cried in vain Don't you take the time to realize the master of disguise? Blind my eyes, burning forever, to wash my sins away Out of the dark, pain is the price Fly away out of the raging storm Lost within my memories Still haunting me A Never ending story Far and wide, forever on Stand before the world alone We journey to the other side Raise your hands to the sky! Through the night and through the day Don't look back no time to pray The battle rages on, Marching on and on Don't cry for me tonight For the lights beyond will guide me home tomorrow The time will come for us the curse is growing strong ...
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23.06.2012 (1254 days ago)
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