Dungeon - Gallipoli - Australian Power Metal
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Dungeon - Gallipoli - Australian Power Metal
Taken from the album "The Final Chapter" (2006 Modern Invasion Music) So southern sons Swallow propaganda And set sail to leave our shores So far away, a distant war No voice to say No word opposed The orders handed down from feckless hands All condemed to die in foreign lands PRE-CHORUS: Eight thousand men to lose their lives Honour 'til death, the ANZAC pride CHORUS: Orders taught, we storm the Dardenelles A futile task, all men condemned to hell A legend born there as our children fell ANZACS stand taller than all Nowhere to hide The raining fire of guns Now turn the sapphire waters red Survivors few and far between the dead So the time has come To scale the walls And run the deadly gauntlet - No Man's Land The time to stand or fall is now at hand
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