Dutch finest....
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Dutch finest....
I made a video with samples of great death metal bands from Holland. A few of them dont exist anymore but none the less they still made awesome music. I know there will be people that wanted other bands in this video, or think the list isnt complete. But keep in mind that these are my personal favorites, and I only got ten minutes. The music is as follows: Band: Brutus Song: Bloedspoor Cd: Slachtbeest Band: Disavowed Song: Rhizome Cd: Perceptive Deception Band: Prostitute Disfigurement Song: Inside to expose Cd: Deeds of derangement Band: Severe Torture Song: Feces for Jesus Cd: Feasting on blood Band: Gorefest Song: Revolt Cd: Rise to Ruin Band: Pyaemia Song: Gorging on mucus and bile Cd: Cerebral Cereal Band: Toxocara Song: Fusillade the Coalescent Cd: The Great Rebelious Band: Houwitser Song: Slaughter confession Cd: Rage inside the womb Band: Sinister Song: Art of the Damned Cd: Hate and bastard saints Band: Pestilence Song: Horror Detox Cd: Resurrection macabre Enjoy!
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