ELUVEITIE - One of The Best Folk Metal Bands
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ELUVEITIE - One of The Best Folk Metal Bands
Hi to all, this is my second introduction video. After Iron Maiden, I decided to introduce you an amazing Folk Metal Band ELUVEITIE... Some other Metal Bands that belong to Folk Metal Genre: Ensiferum Korpiklaani Turisas Moonsorrow Falkenbach Vintersorg Finntroll Agalloch Elvenking Lumsk Equilibrium Cruachan Týr Mägo de Oz Skyclad Songs used in this video: Your Gaulish War Tegernako Uis Elveti Spirit D'Veriu Agage D'Bitu They will be in US this spring.. Paganfest USA 2008.. with Ensiferum, Turisas and Týr. Pagan Fest USA: www.myspace.com New song of Eluveitie is out. Omnos, check it here: www.youtube.com Also their new acoustic album Evocation I is out on April 11st 2009.
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