ENGLISH ROCK ♫ KING SIZE Co. ► One of my kind ▲ Promo "MusicaCopyleft.es" Cantabria Spain
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ENGLISH ROCK ♫ KING SIZE Co. ► One of my kind ▲ Promo "MusicaCopyleft.es" Cantabria Spain
Follow them in Myspace: www.myspace.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Official web: www.musikaze.com Promotes this video ► www.musicacopyleft.es DOWNLOAD MP3 FREE IN THIS LINK ► http Song´s video 'One of my Kind' Of the band of rock KING SIZE Co., inside the album "Destination the Moon". Realized for "Squaker produccioneS" KING SIZE Co. is a band of hard rock in the most strict sense of the word, very near to the sound of them 70's The band is composed by Berto to the voice, David and Víctor to the guitars, Juanma to the bass and Manu to the battery, consolidating a formation proceeding from the group Electro-L that leads them to opening a new stage under the name King Size Co. The group edits his first record work as EP under the name of ' Five Rock Songs ', coming to the number one in you list successes in local issuers. After the tour of this disc David joins as new member of the band substituting Fer, guitarist who was preceding it. Due to the good acceptance of this first EP, the band returns to the study in 2009 to record his first album of long duration. Under the name of 'Destintion the Moon' this disc contains 11 new topics. With a good reception on the part of the public and encouraged after telonear to international bands like Rosendo, Emir and Frozen Camels Tyketto or Network(Net) House between(among) others and to be victors in the ' I Concurso Devarock ', finalists of the prestigious XBAND of Yamaha and of the contest of bands of Converses(Converse) in a very ...
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