Epic Music Mix Of Legend IV - Audiomachine
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Epic Music Mix Of Legend IV - Audiomachine
The disturbance in the force was powerful. Every Jedi warrior, master, and padawan felt it. The Sith had returned. They had masked their presence for 300 years, but now a cloaked figure, who emanated an immense power, was marching brazenly into the temple, accompanied by some blue pet. His intentions were a veil. We had all gathered at the temple entrance, lightsabers at the ready, eager to discover the nature of this most unusual visitor. And then the temple walls which had stood for near a millennia were destroyed as a shuttle vessel crashed into the pillars, stopping right behind the cloaked figure in black. The overwhelming power of the Dark Side hit us all like a tidal wave of fury, anger, and hatred, washing over us so completely that it was impossible to find the serenity of the force we so dearly relied on. Shock and awe was renewed as the shuttle door opened and out poured an army of Sith warriors, each more fearsome and menacing than the next. The war that hung in the balance for so long had started. We fought with righteous zeal, using our faith in the force to suppress the red and black sea of dark cloaks. One by one, however, my Jedi brethren were consumed by red death. Even my master had fallen. "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." These are the words I had been taught since I was a young padawan, the youngest ever to be allowed into the Jedi temple. None of that mattered now. I was fearful, I was angry, and the suffering of ...
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