ESSENCE (Official) - "BLOOD CULTURE" music video HD
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ESSENCE (Official) - "BLOOD CULTURE" music video HD
Join us at Official BLOOD CULTURE music video by Danish thrash metal band ESSENCE LOST IN VIOLENCE out on February 21, 2011 (Denmark) and February 25, 2011 (International) For tour dates visit Official Facebook: GET MUSIC AT: Produced by Reptilia Productions© With Nicholas Tureczek, Tine Pohl & Jonas Lyhne Nielsen Written and directed by William Findinge Photography and editing by Mathias Tegtmeier Production assistants: Troels Jensen, Oliver Bust and Christian Findinge Makeup artist: Tanja Andersen LYRICS: It starts with the nature of the human race As cryptic phantom symptoms All dwelling in the thinnest veins but Nothing can reveal the course for this pain No biopsy or surgery will tell what lies inside of me Vascular system infected by bacteria Lymphatic system's overheating - WBCs are decreasing Due to leucopenia caused by Zotepine Rubor, Dolor, Calor, Tumor Inflammation causing me to die Inject the meds into my blood Purify my inner thoughts Running through my veins Do it again I must To cleanse my blood Infected is my system; now a system of decay Functio lesa, paralysis, toxic venom Constant spreading through my veins Central nervous system is shutting down As my heart begins to fail I feel the pain of pinching nails It's a needle penetrating the main artery Delivering pure life in the form of penicillin Now I'm healed, oh so healed But it's only until it starts again CHORUS Now the fight is on to be Hanging in there but There seems to be no hope for me All is gone -- nothing left Except for one final crucial test Please medicate my soul Insanity is lurking and it's going to take control Of a corpus oh so weak Inject the meds into my blood stream At last my system is recovering from Severe intoxication and from decontaminating Biological warfare is saving all of me Though my mind is scarred for life I am grateful I survived so now it's time To leave this hospital for good And to live the life I want Not fearing what is in my blood I want it all -- I don't care what it may cost I want it all -- I won't waste this second chance I got CHORUS
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