EVADNE - Awaiting
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EVADNE - Awaiting
Band: Evadne Song: I will place them Album: The 13th condition Genre(s) : Gothic Metal (early), Melodic Doom/Death Metal (later) Lyrical theme(s) : Sadness, Love, Death, Desperation, Darkness... Origin : Spain (Valencia) Lyric: And it is true, now is too late to be alive Is so cruel the lover wait... And here I am behind the curtains of solitude Beyond the veil of my absent gaze Trying to forget the traces That you absence leave in me. Thwart and deceived I am, bitter tears run my checks I can´t forget you ephemeral words of farewell Awaiting the beloved who goes in the cold of the night I don´t have her warm Every day agonise my love for her Now no more sadness tears No more disillusion, she is not going to return. Constantly in my head resound Hopefull words that you said, To made me trust in you, and you lie. Liar, for you absence I will die My innards twist inside i´m desperate Lies,for you lies I waint to die Understand it, without you i´ve lost the sense of life. Awaiting the beloved who goes Into my frozen heart no rest place to All the pain that afflict to my poor heart Now no more sadness tears no more distress The desperation comes to take me far away How can I live without your love? How t olive without hope? That´s my secret... Every morning rise the sun Rise for me perhaps for one last time And the hope is almost lost The same last hope deceived for your words Words that hurt up to die The death, way to escape and find Go to sky and find your place to rest ...
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27.06.2012 (1157 days ago)
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