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Having sold nearly 20 million records worldwide, more than 6 million in the US alone, and earning two Grammys® with their major-label debut Fallen, Evanescence continue their meteoric rise with their latest effort, The Open Door (Wind-up Records). The Open Door debuted at the top of the Billboard charts selling more than 447000 units in its first week and reached platinum status in just over a month. The album is defined by Amy Lees beautiful melodies, compelling lyrics, poignant piano and stunning vocals, fused with Terry Balsamos urgent yet intricate guitar to form a seamless, ethereal mixture that perfectly channels the bands hard rock and classical sensibilities. Making this record was really intense, explains Lee. Terry suffered a stroke in October after recording his guitar parts and thankfully continues to recover, we got a new manager [Andy Lurie at 110 Management in Los Angeles], and Id come out of a difficult breakup. But everything weve been through together has benefited this album. With Fallen, says Lee, the band had much to prove while defining its identity. This time, finding a cohesive writing partner in Terry Balsamo, we really took our time crafting this album and had the freedom to express a broader range of emotions: not just pain and sadness, but also anger and, yes, even happiness. Written late in 2005, The Open Door was recorded at The Record Plant in Los Angeles and mixed at Ocean Way Studios in March 2006. Marking the return of producer Dave ...
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