Footage from the grave...
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Footage from the grave...
Dan was looking through some older videos of his own music and came across this little ditty. A few years ago Dan was working with John Walker front man for the death metal band Cancer. Dan had known John for many years but had lost touch. They met up at a chance meeting in a record store and John and Dan started working on a range of folk tunes. Although they never giged many of the tunes the wrote were never recorded and they only did one perfornance and this was it. This was a live recording from a Cable TV channel called Studio 11. Neither John or Dan had thought of a name themselves as a duo so the name The Daniels was given to them that morning by the show producer as they needed a name to introduce them. This was never taken up by Dan or John and Dan felt a little embarrased that they used his name. John went on the reform Cancer which only lasted a short time before the split up once again. The last Dan heard of John he had married a Spanish woman and moved to Spain. Dan and John have not been in contact since although Dan still plays many of the tunes they wrote and has a soft spot for John in his heart.
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27.06.2012 (1250 days ago)
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