FOSCOR (I Torn De Les Cendres) Videoclip
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FOSCOR (I Torn De Les Cendres) Videoclip
Formed in late 1997 as one of the very few Dark Metal bands hailing from the city of Barcelona in Catalunya ( Spain ), Foscor develops a unique emotive style coming from the 90's Black Metal school, mixed with other music languages to get a personal speech beyond modern or classic extreme paths. Basing the imagery in Catalan Modernism Art period, uses both Catalan and English languages for the lyrics. Composed far in time around 1999, the first "Entrance to the Shadows' Village" album was released in 2004 by the French label Sacral Productions, and later re-released by the well known Adipocere Records in 2006, just before to release the second full length "The Smile of the Sad Ones" with Temple of Darkness Records, in 2007. Among both releases, the band participates in the successful "December Songs -- A Tribute to Katatonia" by the German label Northern Silence Productions, a compilation giving tribute to the first Swedish master's music period. In 2008, the split Mcd with the Bosnian band KRV for the Polish label Diachell Muzik is unleashed, which features demo material of the 2007 second full length, which again is re-pressed by Temple of Darkness Rec. After record the first videoclip for the second album's song "I TornĂ  de les Cendres", the band enters the studio again on March 2009, preparing the third full length "Groans to the Guilty" which is released again by Temple of Darkness Rec. summer 2009. 2010 welcomes the long awaited split 7" "Onsalught of Black ...
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27.06.2012 (1199 days ago)
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