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genia tou xaous
afierwma sto megalitero elliniko group. respect! Could be that the absolute greek (punk) band is Genia Tou Chaous. The band's attitude evolved from aggressive punk with intense antiauthoritarian lyrics ("this is not democracy, this is not freedom, this is just a bastardocracy") in the beginning (circa "Disruption of Public Peace" era) to post-punk (as described by Akis Amprazis, see below for info) and even went as far as to include some gloomy metal overtones at the very end. Special reference must be made to Thodoris Iliakopoulos who was the lyricist, composer, vocalist & drummer of the band. The bass player and co-composer for the longest part of the history of the band (from '82 through '86) was Akis Amprazis. He wrote lyrics for many of the songs ("Prokataklysmiaies Eikones (Pre-Flooding Images)," "Lytrosi (Salvation)," "401 GSNA (401 General Military Hospital of Athens)," and others) and, together with Kostas Hadjopoulos, composes music for most of the songs of that period. He recorded the bass parts for the two songs that ended up in the "Diataraxi Koinis Isyhias," the band's first record, and in a couple or so of the songs that ended up in the second LP. (More info on Akis Abrazis can be found at his personal webpage, located at The band was particularly active throughout the '80s, particinpating in shows & squats & creating, together with another 3-4 bands, a small but substantial local scene - notwithstanding the difficulties that ...
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