Groove metal: Another Hell - Redemption (2010)
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Groove metal: Another Hell - Redemption (2010) Hey there! We are Another Hell, a metal band from Sweden, founded in 2010. We play a kind of groove metal with influences ranging all the way from Fear Factory to early Metallica, trying to keep a straight line to groove metal. We sound a tiny bit like Rozenhill. This is the song Redemption from the 2010 EP Drowning in Dirt, set to live recordings of Another Hell and pictures of the victims from the Nagasaki and Hiroshima nuclear bombings in 1945. The song itself is about how we as a race are forging our own collective extinction through the use of superweapons. That one day, we will all meet our makers through man-made weapons rather than the planet, because as the chorus tells us, "Ashes and dust, we all die the same" :) Feel free to leave a comment! Redemption lyrics: Take my life just shut it down Bring me the rope Holocaust like falling bricks Days and nights so endless now Two-faced lies and tricks Slaves of modern time Starve their greed and hopes for human rights -Chorus- Ashes and dust we all die the same Says I Ashes and dust we all die the same The cure redeem the poor -Chorus- Forced to find my way in life Twisting the law Redemption for a crippled whore Try to forgive whats been done It's no world for poor [Solo by Olof]
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