Hail of Bullets - Before the Storm (Barbarossa)/Ordered Eastward
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Hail of Bullets - Before the Storm (Barbarossa)/Ordered Eastward
I found this band not too long ago, it's pretty enjoyable. They have only one album about the World War II in the Russian territory, it's called "...Of Frost And War". HoB is also a supergroup of members of past Death Metal bands like Pestilence, Asphynx, Thanatos and Gorefest. Enjoy. Genre(s) Death Metal Lyrical theme(s) Death, War, World War II Origin Netherlands (Amersfoort, Utrecht Province) Formed In 2006 Current Label Metal Blade Records Status Active Lineup Martin van Drunen - Vocals Paul Baayens - Guitar Stephan Gebedi - Guitar Theo van Eekelen - Bass Ed Warby - Drums Lyrics: Hear the engines roaring Hear the grinding steel Advancing divisions Behind armoured wheels They're driving through the clouds They're staggering through the mud Panic, fear and terror An enemy on the run Artillery is ploughing The earth of foreign land Screaming stukas drop their deadly load Einsatzgruppen murdering On the F├╝hrer's command Heavey calibre mortars explode Seven armies marching About 3 million man Operation Barbarossa Sealing Russia's end Nebelwerfer launching Granates scourge the ground Heralds of the Blitzkrieg Hell can't bear their sound Iron wall of fire Glowing melting sand 60 centimetre railwayguns An earthquaking thunder From the hinterland Forged in flames this pandemonium We were ordered eastward Hate is on our side Born and raised to fight Global domination Stalwart to the core The mother of all wars Brainwashed for destruction Tools for the third reich Breed of ...
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11.06.2012 (1263 days ago)
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