Hail Of Bullets - Berlin (Guitar Cover)
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Hail Of Bullets - Berlin (Guitar Cover)
This is my attempt to cover "Berlin" from the dutch (oldschool) Death Metal Band Hail of Bullets. I can't find another one of this here on Youtube so I'd thought to throw the first one. Leave a comment :) Sorry for the abrupt ending - the battery of my camera was empty. I wasn't be up for make another take of this, as there were a few more problems with the camera. But the last 20 seconds are nothing special - in my opinion you get the idea of the song without them. Equipment: Schecter Omen 7 Extreme (Standard 7 string tuning BEADGBE) Guitar Rig 3 (Preset: Scooped with a certain amount of Studio Reverb and Quad Delay) D'Addario XL Nickelwound .010-.059 strings
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