Hall Of Metal vol1 (32 spanish bands)
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Hall Of Metal vol1 (32 spanish bands)
Video trailer del primer recopilatorio del webzine HALL OF METAL con 32 bandas españolas cantando en inglés. Se incluyen 20 segundos de cada canción y título de cada una de ellas. CD1: 01. HELEVORN "From Our Glorious Days" 02. LAST DECEPTION "No Need To Believe" 03. LAMENTS OF SILENCE "Homeless In The World Of Souls" 04. SICKROOM "Reign Of Chaos" 05. NOCTEM "Divinity (Orchestral Version)" 06. AS MY WORLD BURNS "Clocks" 07. RISE TO FALL "Redrum" 08. AGGRESSION "Moshpirit" 09. ATSPHEAR "Old New Millennium" 10. L'ENDEVÍ "Magic Meadow Innocence" 11. DÖXA "The Spirit Of Mistletoe" 12. LUX DIVINA "Praised Hymn To The Horned God" 13. MESSOR "Gernika's Psychophony" 14. LIQUID GRAVEYARD "Rumors Are Black Like Machine Guns" 15. RANCOR "Incompetent" 16. AS LIGHT DIES "The Disinherited" 17. TIRED OF WAITING "Krohn" Duración total: 78:59 minutos CD2: 01. NAHEMAH "Follow Me" 02. VORTICE "Filed Process" 03. TEKSUO "The End" 04. AATHMA "A Thousand Nails" 05. THE EYES "Above The Real Pain" 06. KILLEM "Spiral" 07. SOULITUDE "The Man Behind The Wall" 08. ABSENTIA "Kiss From Hellaven" 09. DIABULUS IN MUSICA "Come To Paradise" 10. ANGELUS APATRIDA "Blast Off" 11. MISTWEAVER "Voices From The Grave" 12. DENIA "Deep Scars" 13. LEGEN BELTZA "Vaporized" 14. FALLEN SENTINEL "Innocence" 15. GARTH ARUM "A Barrage Of Hate" Duración total: 79:40 minutos Descargalo gratis aquí (mp3 y flac): www.hallofmetal.com Download it here (mp3 and flac): www.hallofmetal.com
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