Harbingers of Storm Tour Promo Vid
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Harbingers of Storm Tour Promo Vid
Assidian Presents HARBINGERS OF STORM TOUR IGNITE THE IBEX ALICE THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD GLASS ELYSIAN www.myspace.com/ignitetheibex www.myspace.com/alicethroughthewindshieldglass www.myspace.com/elysiansmetal The movement in Sydney's brutal tech death metal congregation is about to be exposed furthermore with the unleashing of two major key players at the forefront, IGNITE THE IBEX & ALICE THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD GLASS. The joint tour "HARBINGERS OF STORM" consisting of 10 shows along the east coast of Australia, which will represent the Sydney brutal assault in venues from Dec 2010, right through to February 2011. The tour also includes fellow ASSIDIAN band mates ELYSIAN from Melbourne whom will be unleashing their supreme melodic death act to the masses for the majority of the duration. ATTWG will be doing the lone mission midway to join Carnifex and Darkest Hour (USA) at the Wagga Open Air Festival, which also includes a massive line-up with some of Australia's finest metal acts. Ignite the Ibex have been receiving national raves, being compared to greats such as Meshuggah, Devolved and Ion Dissonance with their recently released 2010 self titled. This array of talent will be joined by a stagger of Australian metal bands at each destination. Expect one of the most intense, brutal, technical displays of power this country has to offer. Don't miss the following dates: Note: Elysian dates marked with ** 11th Dec - Orange (AA) -- CWA Hall, Robinson Park (NSW) 17th Dec ...
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27.06.2012 (1250 days ago)
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