Hatebreed "In Ashes They Shall Reap" Saw VI Soundtrack Edit
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Hatebreed "In Ashes They Shall Reap" Saw VI Soundtrack Edit
For More Info Visit - www.Saw6Soundtrack.com - www.Hatebreed.com - www.Trustkill.com - www.MySpace.com/Trustkill Hatebreed "In Ashes They Shall Reap" Taken from Saw VI Soundtrack (Trustkill) Saw VI Footage Under License from Lionsgate Films (C) 2009 E1 Entertainment (P) 2009 E1 Music Inc. www.Saw6Soundtrack.com www.Hatebreed.com www.Trustkill.com Saw VI Soundtrack in stores October 20, 2009 Hatebreed New Studio Album in stores NOW IN STORES OCTOBER 20, 2009 01. Hatebreed "In Ashes They Shall Reap" 02. Lacuna Coil "The Last Goodbye" * 03. It Dies Today "Reckless Abandon" 04. Mushroomhead "Your Soul Is Mine" * 05. Chimaira "Warpath" * 06. Danko Jones "Code Of The Road" 6 LESSONS: 07. Suicide Silence "Genocide / Saw VI Remix" * 08. Memphis May Fire "Ghost In The Mirror" 09. Outbreak "The Countdown Begins" * 10. Shadows Fall "Still I Rise / Saw VI Remix" * 11. Type O Negative "Dead Again" 12. Converge "Dark Horse" 6 CHOICES: 13. Kittie "Cut Throat" 14. Nitzer Ebb "Never Known" * 15. Every Time I Die "Roman Holiday" 16. My My Misfire "The Sinatra" 17. The Flood "Lethal Injection" 18. James Brothers "More Than A Sin" BONUS DIGITAL TRACKS: 19. 69 Eyes We Own The Night 20. Ventana Watch Us Burn 21. Miss May I Forgive & Forget
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