Havergal Brian: Symphony n. 1 "The Gothic"
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Havergal Brian: Symphony n. 1 "The Gothic"
Havergal Brian Symphony No. 1 in D minor "The Gothic" Excerpt of V movement "Judex crederis esse venturus" Adagio solenne e religioso The orchestral forces for this symphony are commonly thought to be the largest employed in the symphonic repertoire: 2 Piccolos 6 Flutes (1 doubling Alto Flute) 6 Oboes (1 doubling Oboe d'amore 1 doubling Bass Oboe) 2 english horn Clarinet in E-flat 5 Clarinets in B-flat (1 doubling 2nd E-flat clarinet) 2 Basset Horns 2 Bass Clarinets in B-flat Contrabass Clarinet in B-flat 3 Bassoons 2 Contrabassoons 8 Horns in F 8 Trumpets (2 doubling Cornets in E-flat) Bass Trumpet 3 Tenor Trombones Bass Trombone (doubling 2nd Contrabass Trombone) Contrabass Trombone 2 Euphoniums 2 Tubas 2 sets of Timpani2 Bass Drums 2 (preferably 3) Snare Drums Indian long drum 2 Tambourines 2 Triangles 6 pairs of large cymbals Gong Bird Scare Thunder Machine Small chains Xylophone Glockenspiel Tubular Bells Chimes in E-flat Celesta Organ 2 Harps (preferably more ad lib.) 20 First Violins 20 Second Violins 16 Violas 14 Cellos 12 Double Basses. Solo quartet (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass) 4 Mixed Choirs Children's Choir Four offstage Brass Bands each comprising of 2 Horns 2 Trumpets 2 Tenor Trombones 2 Tubas 1 set of Timpani
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20.06.2012 (1258 days ago)
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