HcoreSouljah's All Exhaled Metal Vocals - Eternal Refuge (Whitechapel)
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HcoreSouljah's All Exhaled Metal Vocals - Eternal Refuge (Whitechapel)
*WARNING: EXTREMELY BRUTAL VOCALS INCOMING* Seriously though: me doing Whitechapels Eternal Refuge in the morning. It's just to prove I can do gutturals and growls without using a mic or effects. It's not too bad I guess, but far from my best. I'm a lazy fuck nowadays so I don't re-do vids till their perfect. It's first take and go with it. Keep it brutal m/ PS: everything is exhaled ofcourse. deathcore deathmetal metal whitechapel eternal refuge vocal cover no mic or effects used brutal growls gutturals and screams not too bad this is exile porn tits etc muahaha everything you ever wanted to hear from vocals looking for band in the netherlands extreme vocalist just rock cuzz hazz great skillz just an amateur ofcourse
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