Iced Earth (2of5) Live @ de Pul in Uden Netherlands 2011-11-02 (22:17:37)
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Iced Earth (2of5) Live @ de Pul in Uden Netherlands 2011-11-02 (22:17:37)
Setlist below. Iced Earth live @ de Pul Uden, on November 2nd 2011. Third show with great newcomer Stu Block. He truly is a fantastic singer and entertainer. Just notice there is no loss in his vocal capacity. It's consistent from beginning to end!!!! There are not so many singers who can keep this up for two hours. Latest cd Dystopia ROCKS! This is very very promising for Iced Earth's future. Full concert @ our channel (click our nickname). Don't forget to subscribe and mark the e-mail button, so you will be notified with each new upload! We do not trade, share, nor sell! Support the band! Don't (just) download: buy their CD's and merchandise. We did, so now it's your turn! Part 1 00:00 Dystopia 06:15 Burning Times 10:00 Angels Holocaust 14:40 Slave to the dark 18:30 V 23:00 Stand Alone Part 2 00:00 When the night falls 07:50 Damien 17:30 Dark City Part 3 00:00 Pure Evil 07:00 Anguish of Youth 12:15 My Own Saviour 16:05 Anthem 22:00 Declaration Day 26:25 Days of Rage Part 4 01:10 Tragedy and Triumph 11:00 Dante's Inferno Part 5 00:00 Iced Earth
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