Insomnium - Ill-Starred Son
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Insomnium - Ill-Starred Son
From the album In The Halls of Awaiting Lyrics: Her dirge still echoes in these woods Mourning lingers in the vales As the wind cries on the shore Her wailing can be heard Mirthless is this wandering through Hollow days Like a pale ghost I waste away in This foul world What sin do I atone for in this Dreadful way Why the gods sneer at me as I Keep writhing in pain Where has my dearest gone to Where sings now my maiden fair Beneath the darksome waters Underneath the moonlit waves Where is our ill-starred son Where lies our poor stillborn child Below the silent mound In the arms of scared earth She become weary of the world Tired of this marred life Burdened with sorrow far too deep A pain impossible to bear There is no light at the end of this Blackened path Calm again are the sullen waters Before me If gods shall hearken to me Fate with be bening I leave these woes behind Depart from these cares For we shall be reunited on the Other side I descend to my love and caress her forevermore
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15.06.2012 (1260 days ago)
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