Iron Maiden Children Of The Damned[HD]1982Live UK.
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Iron Maiden Children Of The Damned[HD]1982Live UK.
Children of the Damned" is based on the films Village of the Damned and Children of the Damned, which in turn were adapted from the novel The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham. On his last radio show for BBC Radio 6, during a segment in tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio, Dickinson mentioned that Children of the Damned was inspired by Black Sabbath's "Children of the Sea" The Number of the Beast marked Bruce Dickinson's debut with the band. Since this album (and its tour, Beast on the Road), "The Beast" has become something of a nickname for the band and possibly Eddie, as suggested by albums such as Best of the Beast (which featured a 'best of Eddie' mural on the cover), Beast over Hammersmith, and the DVD Visions of the Beast. This album is the only one to feature songwriting by drummer Clive Burr.This is one of several reasons why the album was so different from previous ones other than the obvious change in lead singer. It was the first album with writing by Adrian Smith (see below track listing for details), and the first to feature writing by the 'new' Steve Harris (his older style had been written for different musicians, and in a different time) - the entire writing system was different, with producer Martin Birch remarking, "I simply didn't think [former vocalist Paul Di'Anno] was capable of handling lead vocals on some of the quite complicated directions I knew Steve wanted to explore... when Bruce joined, it opened up the possibilities for the new album tremendously." According to several interviews with Bruce Dickinson, he was heavily involved in the writing process of several of the album's songs, mentioning in particular the tracks "Children of the Damned", "The Prisoner" and "Run to the Hills". Due to his previous band, Samson's, ongoing contractual problems, Dickinson couldn't legally be part of any of the record's song-writing, having to give, what he calls, a "moral contribution", i.e. having an influence on particular tracks without giving enough creative input to earn a writing credit. Music press reports told a story that during the recording sessions, there were instances of unexplained phenomena occurring. Lights would periodically trip out and there were 'cold spots' in the studio. This all climaxed when the producer Martin Birch was involved in a car accident and was presented with a repair bill for £666 Original track listing THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST 1."Invaders" 2."Children of the Damned" 3."The Prisoner" 4."22 Acacia Avenue" 5."The Number of the Beast" 6."Run to the Hills" 7."Gangland" 8."Hallowed Be Thy Name" Bruce Dickinson -- lead vocals Dave Murray -- guitar Adrian Smith -- guitar, backing vocals Steve Harris -- bass, backing vocals Clive Burr -- drums, percussion
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