kCaveMen - Ka-Boom-Boom! (Adelaide Metal)
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kCaveMen - Ka-Boom-Boom! (Adelaide Metal)
Follow Us On Facebook! www.facebook.com Adelaide Metal - Video Filmed by Kev & Izy - Produced by KidCrusher - Music written & performed by KcaveMen from there debut studio album Gondwanaland (Available to buy online @ KcaveMen Dot Com & iTunes) Music Video was filmed on location at Hindley Beach & Waterfall Gully, Adelaide, South Australia. Vocals/Dong - Drums/Plop - Guitar/Ogah - Bass/Bort KcaveMen are an Australian Shock Rock, Death Metal band from Adelaide, South Australia, formed in 2006. KcaveMen consists of four members. The current band members are Dong, Plop, Ogah and Bort. Each member of the band wears a unique mask and remains anonymous. How ever they announced in there CD booklet it features additional performances and production from Horrorcore Rapper KidCrusher and also Heavy Metal Drummer Todd Hansen from The Berzerker and other work from members of Sexual Intercorpse and Norwood Grimes. KcaveMan CaveMen Band CaveMan Band Adelaide Cavemen Kavemen Kaveman Todd Hansen The Berzerker Headkase KidCrusher Kid Crusher Horrorcore Wicked Shit Insane Clown Posse Juggalo Hatchet Man Slipknot Australian Metal Adelaide Metal Frozen Shock Rock Adelaide South Australia Gondwanaland Gogs Flintstones Mushroomhead Caveman Cavemen Encino Man Year One Captain Caveman Gogwana Cavemen Band Caveman Band Kavemen Kaveman
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