Killah Priest - Stained Glass Theory [Music Animation]
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Killah Priest - Stained Glass Theory [Music Animation]
Artist: Killah Priest Album: n/a Song: Stained Glass Theory Typed by: DaSun Akbar [Killah Priest] They welded the metal into shape The axle, they've carved and scrap Fit the portrait in its place And pour the molded glass into mold They made sure the gold frame could hold They add color to his window They said Priest is like an intro They said it's the best since 'Heavy Mental' Long live the two initials The Stained Glass Theory, the angels passing to me Thank you, wings grew, big and beautiful White, unmovable Knight, its shining armor The lion's honor, I roll with few that were down to conquer I'm the kitties of the five cities No Kings since BK relied on Biggie The painting was fashion, sculpted at the moted Then placed along the walls of the sanctuary where it was bolted 'The Offering' Lord, the flesh and blood In the belly of my sword, Margiela Blood down to the rug, 24 elders The Stained Glass Theory, here (Chorus) Priest X2 Tear off the plastic Open the CD, slit out the jacket Unfold, the mysteries never told It's even better than gold And my pad of fury It's the Stained Glass Theory [Killah Priest] Yo, the Gladiator shoot balls of fire from my width of sleeves It's that Killa Bee witchery, dark melodies from my symphonies The seraphim realm, the Angelic helms, the Celtic pen I write black Roman alphabets The one you find tatted around necks of heavy metal bands It's skinheads and albino niggas with blonde dreads Palm read, triumph tyrant, I take on Hip-Hop's ...
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27.06.2012 (1200 days ago)
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