Kreator - "Voices of the Dead" cover
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Kreator - "Voices of the Dead" cover
**UPDATE 2** Fixed the link since geocities has been closed since forever ago. **UPDATE** First off, Thank you much for all of the kind words on the cover. They are much appreciated! Second, yes, I do have a tab that I made while trying to learn the song. I'm actually pretty surprised to hear that so many people seem to be having such a difficult time with this song, and constantly asking me for it. I'm usually reluctant to leave links for tabs, solely for the fact that I do not wish people hounding me for tabs for every cover I do. People really should try to execise their ear a bit more. That is the only way to get better. But this seems to be a highly sought after tab. And looking at some of the tabs for this song that I've seen online...WOW. Not even in the right tuning. No wonder everyone is asking me for this. o_o So I'll be nice with this one. It's probably not %100 (never finished tabbing the solo, and the bass is tabbed wrong at the beginning) but it's damn close. A better starting point for those of you who have not been able to figure it out yet. http : // www . sykodx469 . com / voices.html (remove the spacing in the link to get to the page that has the tab) You can find the tab there, but you will need the [Powertab editor] to view it. Hope this helps. ...and yes, it's in D standard :) - sykodx469 - ---------------------------------- This is my attempt to play through Kreator's "Voices of the Dead". Truly an awsome song, I'm surprised that no one has ...
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20.06.2012 (1256 days ago)
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