KRUIZ. КруиЗ. Live 1989. Possessed. (КРУИЗ/WEA)
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KRUIZ. КруиЗ. Live 1989. Possessed. (КРУИЗ/WEA) From "KРУИЗ album Val Gaina - guitar Fedor Wasiliev - bass Sergey Efimov - drums Indisputably, KRUIZ was the national pride of Russia, the face of progressive Russian culture in the end of 80-s and beginning of 90-s. A great army of admirers in the whole world and in former socialist countries, the originality of the musicians (Valery Gaina/vocal, guitar, Fyodor Vasiliev/bass guitar, Sergey Efimov/drums) able to become the Russian rock band # 1 who headed for the world rock stage and conquered it by its European tour, the fact that the KRUIZ was the first Russian group who recorded and issued its first author's disc at the prestige record company-WEA (Warner Broz.) in Germany, professionalism and innovative ideas made from trio KRUIZ the first Russian group of international scale. The KRUIZ was founded in 1981. The group has quickly won the sympathies of the rock fans in the Soviet Union due to the "new wave" then brought by the KRUIZ in the Soviet rock stage. As for music the group was doing well, but 1985 was the year of great shocks in Soviet life that accordingly reflected in Russian rock development as well. In 1986 the only one member remained in the band -- its founder Valery Gaina and he decided to develop the group's music in accordance with the ideas of the new time. Sergey Efimov became the drummer of the renewed KRUIZ and Fyodor Vasiliev came to be the bass guitar. In this structure the musicians began playing apparently new and really ...
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