Lamb of God - In Your Words Guitar Cover
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Lamb of God - In Your Words Guitar Cover
Info: Lamb of God have become one of the most popular modern metal bands in the world, a popularity well deserved for their unique "groove metal" sound. I also consider Mark Morton to be one of the hardest working guitarists on the metal scene currently, and love his style of combining pure American metal with blues solos. Whilst this song isn't that hard by LoG's standards, it still sounds good and was a lot of fun to play. Techniques/Tips: - The whole song doesn't have any triplets, and besides the breakdown, has a fairly constant alternative picking motion. - The breakdown has a timing of 3/4, but it isnt that hardGear: Guitar: Ibanez RGT42DXFM - Neck pickup: Dimarzio EVO DP158 - Bridge pickup: Seymour Duncan Dimebag Darrell Strings: Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky Tuning: Drop D (DADGBE) Effects: POD X3 - All patch's: Treadplate Dual Tone Video: Pentax Optio 60 Audio Editing: Audacity Video Editing: Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tabs: Guitar pro file version 1 by Wakanoniko on is the one I used, seems 100% correct.
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