Lament A cry near the forest
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Lament A cry near the forest
Lament - Through the Reflection Special Edition Bombworks Records is happy to announce the reissue of Mexican death metallers Lament's sophomore album 'Through the Reflection'. Lament has been a stalwart in the Mexican underground extreme scene for quite some time. Starting out as a death/grind outfit called Beheaded, the band changed its name to Lament as it embraced a more progressive/melodic death metal sound. Lament followed up their debut album 'Tears of a Leper' with 'Through the Reflection', released on Finland's Little Rose Productions in 1999 in limited quantities. The album has a melancholy, almost doom-like aura about it, while maintaining more of a mid-tempo progressive thrash sound. The vocals have more of the shouty thrash feel with some death moments, and the bass playing is some of the most remarkable that you will ever hear on an extreme metal release, almost stealing the show and becoming the lead instrument. The drumming is also fantastic and very progressive, with many tempo and time signature changes, while also mixing in the band's Mexican heritage with some Flamenco influence. Overall, this is a very solid album that was unfortunatey not heard by many due to its initial short run, and Bombworks Records is ready to let the world hear how great of an album this is. The release will feature all new artwork and, as a bonus, will also include the original 4-song Beheaded demo that was only ever previously available on cassette and provide a glimpse into Lament's brutal beginnings when they were playing all-out grind/death. The 'Through the Reflection' Special Edition will be released in February 2009.
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