Legionary - Arcane Divisions - 07. Embracing Trauma
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Legionary - Arcane Divisions - 07. Embracing Trauma
Track 7 off of the debut album from Tri-State Death/Thrash metallers, Legionary http://www.facebook.com/Legionaryband Copyrights: Legionary Music: Frank D'Erasmo Lyrics & Title: Tim Rocheny "Embracing Trauma" (Solo: Tony Barhoum) Prior times of common tendencies Present day of wishful agony Episodes, nightmares and day dreaming Upheaval Reacts, Impacted memories Lives adjusted to the plight Sights implanted deep inside Embracing Trauma This town at constant flash back This town bestowing damage Re-Experience Nostalgic events that depress In spite (x2) (Solo: Tony Barhoum) Together, a life they choose Misanthropic views Some dealt a death they managed to evade and some ordained to honor bloodshed Some giving life presumed that this was the end All lost control No perception at hand Not longing for treatment for their pain Abnormal now normal Refuse change Sent far away and were grouped one the same The trauma plagues and they choose to embrace (Solo: Tony Barhoum) (Solo: Tony Barhoum/Alonso Maguino) (Solo: Alonso Maguino)
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