LICH KING - Combat Mosh
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LICH KING - Combat Mosh
The first full song from the fourth Lich King album. Not representative of the final mix... call it a polished demo track. www.LichKingMetal.comBuy stuff: Combat mosh Step into the conflict A firefight of the flesh Caveman genealogy In violence we become enmeshed It's murder in the circle pit No longer we repress The screaming apes we used to be Wakened from a peaceful rest Cast off the last million years Because all that matters now is the kill Put aside the suit and tie Clench your fists and bludgeon at will And mosh Modern man's a construct The thing beneath is truth Territoriality Hard-wired in the hulking brute Pleistocenic people Cro-magnon at the core Savage ideology In the pit we go to war Mindless, churning, frenzied xenophobes We succumb to that primal call "Love thy neighbor" forgotten now The stone age lives on in us all So mosh Just mosh Give in to your id and devolve Devolve Kill Murder in the circle pit Murder in the circle pit Murder in the circle pit Murder in the circle pit
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26.05.2012 (1229 days ago)
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