Lies! - The Cleansing Of Innocence (2011)
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Lies! - The Cleansing Of Innocence (2011)
From their 2011 demo: Lies! from the Netherlands. They draw inspiration from every corner of hardcore and 90s metalcore: hard-hitting, aggressive and dark. Truthful to the basic idea of the band. short powerful songs alike Terror, Kickback, Merauder or All Out War. Their upcoming demo is the first assault of this Dutch four-piece with ex-members of Instil, The Hunger, Murder Manifest, Expulsion and NMMNG. Check out the first demotrack 'The Cleansing Of Innocence' Lyrics "The cleansing of innocence": More than a decade has passed Nothing changed this lying breed Doomsday is still upon us Don't reject the neglect Unblessed are those who deny the truth. Unleash the plagues to cleanse all innocence Unleash the plagues - to cleanse all innocence Unleash the plagues - to cleanse all innocence It should be carved on me it should instill in me till the blood dries and smells it should stay with me The cleansing of innocence The cleansing of innocence Exterminate the virus The truly weak spread venom Use chests as shields and teeth to swords. Before we reign only barren lands The shores of despair, show a black horizon The shores show despair, as I witness the end
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