Mandator - An Invisible Disease Strikes (Eindhoven 1987.12.24)
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Mandator - An Invisible Disease Strikes (Eindhoven 1987.12.24)
Dutch speed/thrash metal band from Emmen. They began life as Mysto Dysto, eventually recording their debut album, 'The Rules Have Been Disturbed', in 1986. Upon signing to Disaster Records, the band changed name to Mandator, the record label feeling the old name would be too hard to pronounce. As Mandator, two more albums were released in the late eighties before breaking up in the summer of 1990. Classic Germanic thrash was what the band delivered, sounding vaguely like early Destruction or at times Kreator. This song, entitled AIDS (An Invisible Disease Strikes), was performed live at the Dynamo Club, Eindhoven, the Netherlands on December 24, 1987. The band does a nice intro, by the way. Please leave a note if you like this video. Thanks.
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