Massive Assault full concert - album release party @ Hoogeveen 2012
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Massive Assault full concert - album release party @ Hoogeveen 2012
This video is recorded at the Death Strike release party @ Het Podium - Hoogeveen. Diesel truck grinding guitar sound, pounding drums, supercharged bass and aggressive vocals are merged into the band called Massive Assault. A mixture of Florida style Death Metal + D-beat Crust, with a thick Swedish Boss HM-2 chainsaw guitarsound. Massive Assault released their second full-lenght, entitled "Death Strike", early 2012. which will be the follow-up to their 2011 "Slayer"-EP, which in turn was the follow-up to the praised "Dystopian Prophecies"-LP/CD and "Conflict EP" The "Slayer" EP displayed the band in ultimate shape. "Death Strike" will crush you! Massive Assaults musical style will truly ravish those who like Death Metal. But will also appeal to those who are into Crustpunk, Grindcore and Hardcore. This Dutch band has been around since 2003. Crank up the volume to the max when you're listening to Massive Assault! Band contact:
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