MayheM Pagan Fears
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MayheM Pagan Fears
Brief History; By the time 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas' album had finally been released in 1994, Mayhem was already known for being the originators of the infamous Norwegian Black Metal Scene... also having legacy and history since 1984, with their swedish vocalist committing suicide with a shotgun wound to the head, guitarist Euronymous being stabbed to death by bass guitarist Varg Vikernes, along with Church burnings and influencing legions of bands from Norway and the World! 1993 Lineup (De Mysteriis') Euronymous: Guitars Hellhammer: Drums Blackthorn: Guitars Varg Vikernes: Bass Attila: Vocals Lyrics written by: Dead, 1990 Vocals done by: Attila, 1993 The bloody history from the past deceased humans now forgotten An age of legends and fear a time now so distant Less numbered as they were their lives so primitive and pagan superstitions were a part of the life so unprotected in the dark nights Pagan fears The past is alive The past is alive Woeful people with pale faces staring obsessed at the moon some memories will never go away and they will forever be here
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13.06.2012 (1264 days ago)
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