MEDWYN GOODALL - Betrothal (Music for Relaxation & Meditation)
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MEDWYN GOODALL - Betrothal (Music for Relaxation & Meditation)
                   ↑↑↑  Visit my channel for more videos!    ♪ Artist: Medwyn Goodall Album: Tintagel, Castle of Arthur Song: Betrothal Genre: New Age Release: 1997 Other songs from this album:        The Age of Chivalry        The Castle on the Cliff        My Lady's Garden        The Joust        The Round Table        Merlin's Cave Tintagel in Cornwall is reputed to be the site of King Arthurs castle Camelot and is infused with the mystery of this great legend. This album portrays the atmosphere and excitement to be felt at the castle ruins. Wonderfully melodic and inspiring. Main instruments: Dulcimer, Flutes, Cello, Fiddle, Guitars, Mandolin, Keyboards. Relax, unwind and meditate with soothing, peaceful music. Music for the body, mind, soul and spirit. Music that can awaken us, change us and enlighten our world. Artist Biography: New age guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Medwyn Goodall was born in Yorkshire, England; inspired by the hits of the Beatles and the Beach Boys, he began playing music as a child, and at 11 met pop superstar Cliff Richard, who encouraged the youth to pursue a career as a performer. Goodall began composing original songs as a teen, earning local notoriety with his band Trax; in the years to follow, he learned to play a vast range of instruments, including mandolin, piano, drums, harp, flute, glockenspiel, panpipes, vibraphone and synthesizer, and cut his first album at age ...
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