Melodic Death Metal "Christmas Riff" Throwback! (2010 Version) HD
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Melodic Death Metal "Christmas Riff" Throwback! (2010 Version) HD (Free Downloads of what we got so far!) FOLLOW my melodic death metal band, Deadtide! This is an old riff I came up with years ago and posted on here, but decided to take it down. For those of you who remember it, this is the new 2010 version! Way better right?! I'm playing with Glenn as you can see, fun times. We used his POD X3 Live for the recording and his Sony HD Handycam. The lighting isn't the best, my apologies, but whatever, doesn't affect the audio haha...oh yeah and the drums we used EZdrummer Drumkit from Hell You're hearing the audio recording and me and Glenn are just demonstrating what you're hearing. It's like any music video, obviously the band isn't really playing. A lot of my recent videos are pre-recorded like this. I'm sure you wouldn't want to hear my crappy camera recordings anymore. I have a 2nd channel now with small posts/random stuff, subscribe there! (Add me!) (Like us!) ( Some newer/old tracks we're working on!) Support the local metal bar "Rocker Room" in my area by friending them on Facebook! Leave 'em a comment saying Chrome sent you!
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