Melodic Death Metal - Ominous Grief - Reborn (into the Night)
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Melodic Death Metal - Ominous Grief - Reborn (into the Night)
One of the best melodic song ever i heard. And best one of the Turkish death metal. Bands name is OMINOUS GRIEF Origin Ankara - Turkey Style Melodic - Black - Death Metal Lyrics: The bitter sorrow of being left behind As my cries are stuck in my throat While they still dream on under the moonlit sky Through the caressing winds of my final night In the dark when the mournful screams are muted Waits an angel calling to the spirits of the dying And the nightly shades creep away from her Leaving her in the sunlight, even in the darkest nights Take my hands and lead my soul through Away from this creepy resting place Let me stand alone in the ruins of my life Watching the other side's sun slowly die Pale in the dark but shiny in the light glow My eyes can still see you from over the clouds A bright star I have already become A shining pearl when you look up high Ghouls of an undead love watching with pale faces Staring at what's left of both you and I Wipe away the tears in your beautiful eyes For I am reborn into your nights...
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