Metal in 30 seconds.
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Metal in 30 seconds.
Hey, I have predicted hate for this video for various reasons. 1. Those fucking ridiculous arguments eg slayer are better than metallica, thats just your opinion. 2. If there is a band you dislike, it doesn't mean they aren't metal. To sum up metal you need to include all genres like deathcore and metalcore, its still metal in my eyes. 3. yes there are bands i've missed out but i can't have all of them. Bands that were taken out due to too many bands were or to simullar genres are: Iron Maiden Cannibal Corpse In Flames Trivium Ghost Dream theater Iced Earth Disturbed Devildriver Lamb of god Voivod Ministry Deicide Lacuna Coil Job For A Cowboy Death Overkill I made this while bored and because i don't think anyone else has created one yet so here you go. Theres not much up there at the moment but there will be, so please like, subscribe and keep posted for news, opinions, questions and news from the metal community. With music videos from underground metal bands as well :) Thank you m/
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