Metal Urbain - Paris Maquis - French Punk 1978
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Metal Urbain - Paris Maquis - French Punk 1978
Rare vidéo clip from the original line up of Metal Urbain starring Clode Panik, Hermann Schwartz, Pat Luger and Eric Debris, filmed in early 1978. Paris Maquis was the a-side of Metal Urbain first single on Rough Trade records issued in december 1977. It also happened to be the first record ever issued by Rough Trade label. The shooting of this video clip went bad, with TV technicians of the time trying to sabotage the band by not allowing them full hearing of the song for good lip-sync, and editing the video on the spot. You can see it as the camera lingers on the unplugged microphones jack, and the singer struggling to hear the music to appear in sync. All this conflict started because lead singer Clode Panik asked for a microphone and a stand to use to perform, which was denied to him by the techs who thought that a singer using a microphone and a stand on TV was absurd. You can buy Metal Urbain CDs and Vinyl reissues from including the excellent recent vinyl reissue of LES HOMMES MORTS SONT DANGEREUX LP in very LTD EDITION. Video and music are (c) Seventeen Records (c) Metal Urbain all rights reserved.
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