Metallica Master of Puppets Lyrics
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Metallica Master of Puppets Lyrics
Metallica's Masterpiece: MASTER OF PUPPETS. Perfection is a very difficult target for everyone. Metallica "crossed the finish line" in 1986, composing Master of Puppets, Thrash Metal's masterpiece. The song told about the puppeteer-marionette relationship. The puppet was completely controlled by the Master of Puppets, and when the puppet realize the real situation it's too late to rebel. The first and the third parts of the song are dedicated to the Master of Puppets, whereas the second part of the song (among tWo solos) is dedicated to the Puppet that calls Master of Puppets to account. I am always astonished by the magnificence of this song, just like I never heard it before. I can write for weeks but there are no words to totally describe this song. Just enjoy the masterpiece...
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