Monkey3 - Once Upon a Time In The West
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Monkey3 - Once Upon a Time In The West
(Ennio Morricone Cover From The Album Undercover) An Uknown Amazing Band Just Check Them. Genre:Progressive/Psychedelic Rock Album:39 Laps some infos: Monkey3 are a psychedelic rock band from Lausanne, Switzerland, that is similar in style to bands like Beaver, latter day Celestial Season, Pink Floyd and especially 35007. They rely on hypnotic riffs and repetitive nature of music. In live situation this is all enhanced by light shows and by projecting images and snippets from movies on to the stage or a backdrop. Official website: MONKEY 3 BEST OF PSYCHEDELIC ROCK MUSIC Ignore These Tags: best Progressive rock, stoner rock, jam bands, krautrock, new age, punk rock, proto punk, garage punk, noise rock, acid rock, hard rock, gothic rock, heavy metal, dub reggae, trip hop, madchester, shoegazing, dream pop, zeuhl, symphonic rock, phleng phuea chiwit, ambient music Blues-rock, folk-rock, musique concrete, rāga, garage rock, art rock the doors the beatles jefferson airplain cream The Velvet Underground Strawberry Alarm Clock Supertramp Hawkwind Blossom Toes The Blues Magoos The Electric Prunes The United States of America The Seeds Vanilla Fudge The Zombies Silver Apples The Incredible String Band Pearls Before Swine The Grateful Dead Can The Soft Machine The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band love Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band 13th Floor Elevators Yes Eloy King Crimson Porcupine Tree Genesis Chicago Dream Theater ...
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23.06.2012 (1201 days ago)
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