Moonblood - Shadows
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Moonblood - Shadows
Black Metal hailing from Germany. Album Name: Blut & Krieg -------------------------------------------------- Lyrics: Darkness everywhere, silence everywhere Trees stand like giants in front of me A weak wind blows through my hair Like a ghost wich is going through your body The shrubs sing the song of fear The grass sways it with the wind Shadows The huge trees with magnificent crowns Don't let the moon shine down to me Every step goes into uncertainty Every look catchs it Shadows Hasty it flits through the night Glowing eyes stare at me The shrubs sing on the song of fear My journey through the nightly woods goes on Everything turns around me Everywhere are shadows The branches snap on going Everywhere are glowing eyes Everywhere are shadows Are it the children of the night They accompany me Flits past in the trees As shadows -------------------------------------------------- Moonblood was a black metal band from Schneeberg (Saxony), Germany, formed in 1994. They were previously known as Demoniac (and Purulent Obduction). Demoniac evolved from the death metal band Purulent Obduction (1990-1993) which had members Occulta Mors, Necromaniac and LONS Blacksoul (later Gaamalzagoth, real name; Mirko Schmat) joined in mid 1993. In January 1994 Necromaniac and LONS had been kicked out and later formed Andras while the remaining members continued as Moonblood after releasing the only Demoniac-demo that was recorded still together in autumn/late 1993 (second demo comes from vhs ...
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