Mordicus - Preserved Fomenting
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Mordicus - Preserved Fomenting
Mordicus was a Finnish Death Metal band, founded in 1989 in Joensuu. The band was heavily influenced by Carcass, along many other Finnish bands, and later also the influence of more melodic Swedish Death Metal can be seen ( Dismember etc.). The band's first two demos "Abominations of the Earth" and "Grown Under Shade of Sorrow" were released in 1991. 1992 they recorded a promo tape, which resulted to record deal with Skin Drill Records, through which they released their first EP "Three- Way Dissection" in the same year. Later in 1992, the band recorded the demo "Wrathorn". The band finally recorded their first full-length "Dances from Left" and it was released through Thrash Records in 1993. The band was active throughout the late 1990s, releasing demos in 1995, 1997, and 1998, and a video EP called Particular Truths in 1997. In August 1999, they recorded another three song tape, which led to a record deal with Yperano Records. Mordicus completed a 15 song album in 2000, but it remains unreleased, as Yperano wants to license it to a bigger label. The Spanish Tempel of Darkness Records re-issued "Dances from Left" in 2008. This dream-come-true package also features 6 bonus songs ( their "Three-Way Dissection" EP and some songs from their demos. ) This song is the closing track of their "Three-Way Dissection" EP of 1992. Lyrics : organic suppuration lethargic brainstate dismented giblets suspect the wake more than you endure torn that silence blessed to cure coarsing ...
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