Most Epic/Intense Moments in Metal | Pt. IV (Epic Win)
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Most Epic/Intense Moments in Metal | Pt. IV (Epic Win)
Read this or I will milk your tits with a bear trap. Changes brought in Part IV: -Fuck countdowns. It makes it too difficult for me to decide. -ALBUM COVERS YAAAY! Things I plan to do: -Nothing. I think I've pretty much got it nailed down. (0:15-0:51) Stratovarius - Infinity (0:52-1:42) Vader - Impure (1:43-2:47) Vital Remains - Infidel (2:48-3:51) Iced Earth - Dante's Inferno (3:52-4:28) Bloodbath - Cancer of the Soul (4:29-6:48) Nile - 4th Arra of Dagon (6:49-7:15) Septic Flesh - Apocalypse (7:16-8:29) Ouroboros - Animal, Man... Machine DISCLAIMER: I, THE CREATOR OF THIS VIDEO, DO NOT OWN ANY PART OF ANY PORTIONS OF THE SONGS USED IN THE VIDEO OR ANY OF THE ARTWORK USED. THE ONLY CREDIT I TAKE IN THE CREATION OF THIS VIDEO IS: 1) THE TITLING 2) THE TRIMMING OF THE SONGS 3) CROSS-FADING BETWEEN TRACKS ALL MUSIC AND ARTWORK USED IN THIS VIDEO IS PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS AND IS STRICTLY USED FOR ENTERTAINMENT AND BAND PROMOTION PURPOSES. I TAKE ABSOLUTELY NO OWNERSHIP OVER THE MATERIAL. Should someone or some organization have any problem with the audio regarding copyrights, I kindly request that you PLEASE contact me with the specific song name(s) that violate your copy rights so that I may make individual changes that will not influence the other contents of the video entirely.
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