My 10 Favourite Melodic Death Metal Songs
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My 10 Favourite Melodic Death Metal Songs
These are my favorite Melodic Death songs. It s just my opinion. I ruled out some epic bands such as Dark Tranquility, Inflames (the old one), Arch Enemy and Insomnium. In Mourning is a progressive death band, however, it seem also Melodic to me. Ain't it? Disclaimer: The music and images belong to the their respectful owners. I do not own any contents used in this video. Absolutely no copyright infringement intended. Support the Metal music. 1. Be'lakor (AUS): From Scythe To Sceptre 2. Crystalic (FIN): Voiceless Army 3. Dark Lunacy (ITA): Snowdrift 4. Dawn of Tears (SPA): As My Autumn Withers 5. In Mourning (SWE): In The Failing Hour 6. Lunarsea (ITA): Metamorphine 7. Midnight Realm (ENG): Solaris 8. Omnium Gatherum (FIN): New World Shadows 9. Pain Confessor (FIN): Life Keeps Bleeding 10. Suidakra (GER): Wartunes
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